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Homeowners in Kitchener have a few options when it comes to selling their home. The most common way to sell a house is by listing it with a real estate agent. The other method is known as For Sale By Owner or FSBO.
But what if there was a faster and easier way to sell your house?
At Ontario Property Buyers, we can help you sell your house fast, and for cash. Our process is quick and easy, and we’re the best option if you’re looking to sell your house quickly. Check out our process below, and see why we’re the best choice for selling your house fast.
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Now that you have a rough understanding about how our process works, let’s peel back the onion so you can decide for yourself if this is something that is going to be a good fit for you.
The different options available for you when working with us
There are a number of ways that a cash house buying company can help you. In this section the goal is to explain these various ways so you can gain a greater understanding of which may be best suited for you.
The first is through a cash deal. In this scenario, a homeowner has a property that they need sold on their own timeline and they don’t desire to make any updates. A cash deal will provide the simplest solution, however, it will be the most risky for a cash home buyer which means that they require the property at a fair bit of a discount but it does provide the option to have cash in the bank in as little as a few days.
The second way that a house buying company can help a home seller is through a partner program. We tap into our investor network and find an end buyer who is able to take on the project in exchange for a negotiated finders fee with them. The benefit to a program like this is that the homeowner is still able to get a price that works for them and pay $0 in fees.
The third way is through leveraging the cash house buyer’s network of real estate professionals. In the case where a seller desires the market value for their property, a cash home buyer is able to help that seller achieve this by leveraging the house buyer’s network of professionals that help them sell their own flip properties for top dollar. This is your opportunity get access to exclusive real estate agents and mortgage professionals.
The fourth way a house buying company can help a seller is through partnering up with a seller directly. In order to get the seller more than a cash offer, and still have a profitable deal, house buying companies may partner sellers in a deal where the house buying company will pay for the renovations, will bring in a real estate agent who will sell the property for top dollar, and the house buying company and the seller will receive their agreed upon amounts into their pocket at closing*.
*This is likely not the solution for you if you are looking for a quick sale as the property will have to be sold on the open market before you get cashed out.*
The fifth scenario where a cash home buying company can assist a seller and actually pay much closer to market value is when the seller has a significant amount of equity in the property. In this scenario, the seller is essentially like a bank and holds a mortgage for the buyer. The bigger the difference between the rate provided by the seller and the current interest rate on a bank mortgage, the more the buyer is going to be able to offer even if it’s a quick as-is sale. The reason for this is that even though the purchase price is higher, the buyer is able to save a lot of money in monthly payments.

Cash Deal

Least amount of money, net, out of all options

Sold on owner’s timeline


Very quick closes possible

Partner Program

Often more money than a cash offer

Sold on owner’s timeline


More than one walkthrough may be required

Usually 1-2 week conditional period

Network Referral

Top dollar sale price

Connected to the best of the best professionals

Have to wait for the property to close with a traditional buyer

Lots of showings



House sold in much better shape

Professionally managed renovation

House goes onto the MLS and sells for top dollar

Investor needs to make less money as there is less risk

Seller Financed

Seller generates passive income

No tenant or property management for seller

Highest off market offer

Takes lots of time before getting cashed out

Real Life Case Studies

It’s very important to break down the numbers so that you as a potential seller understand how a cash buyer comes up with their offer and why their offer is what it is. We find that the lack of transparency by other companies when presenting offers makes a lot of sellers think that they are getting a low ball offer rather than the cash buyer educating them on the various expenses that come with flipping properties or holding them as rental properties.
Cash home buyers are always looking at what the After Repair Value (ARV) is before they make an offer. Following this they calculate their renovation costs, holding costs, land transfer tax, closing costs, and desired profit, in our case this is usually 12-15% of the ARV depending on the price point.

Cash Deal Example

Cash Deal Example

Your House in its Current Condition
You will see from this example that there definitely is a difference between an off market cash sale compared to a traditional on market sale, yet both have their own advantages and disadvantages. By looking at these numbers one can see that the cash offer was not made based on desperation, but rather based on a profit target that a house flipper has.