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How We Got Started With Ontario Property Buyers

Hi! My name is Sebastian. As the owner and founder of Ontario Property Buyers, I’ve always had a passion for helping others. For the longest time I considered going to school for physical therapy, because I loved problem solving and being able to provide a solution for people in unique situations. This was very rewarding, however, as I continued in my education I discovered that the level of positive impact I could have was limited. Whether it was frustration with not having a client get their desired outcome, being confined to one area, or only being able to work one on one, I needed a way to help on a bigger scale.
Intrigued, I spoke with numerous individuals in my network and was inspired by those serving their different communities through various real estate solutions. These individuals were changing lives in positive ways, which meant that every person they helped had an amazing life transformation and began living a life of possibilities instead of stress.
Ontario Property Buyers was the answer to this challenge. It was a way to create honourable employment for team members in the community and help homeowners all over Ontario. The level of impact was unlimited. We could in fact operate in many places, by continuing our great problem solving, care, having dedicated teams, and systems to serve each community.

Our Mission

The mission of Ontario Property Buyers is to help our clients move on from difficult situations to a future of unlimited possibilities.

Our Core Values

Gratitude – Consciously living each day knowing that it is a gift
Hope – Being confident that in every challenge there is a guiding light
Passion – Waking up everyday living with a clear purpose
Respect – Treating every person we meet the same way as a dear friend
Integrity – Living in line with our true selves
CANI – Constant and Never-ending Improvement

How We Help Homeowners in Ontario

We’re a family-owned business based out of Kitchener and operating all over Ontario. Ontario Property Buyers provides win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of their unique situations such as selling their house as is, dealing with death in the family, divorce, or downsizing. We are the solution for taking you out of stress and back into a life of possibilities.

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"We completed a deal with the Ontario Property Buyers and everything was smooth sailing from start to finish. They were easy to communicate with and we will definitely work them again!"
We Buy Houses Fast in Kitchener ON | Ontario Property Buyers
Joel R.
"They're great just didn’t come to an agreement but they provided great professional service. And hope maybe in the future can work on something together."
We Buy Houses Fast in Kitchener ON | Ontario Property Buyers
Ricky L.
"I highly recommend Ontario Property Buyers. Sebastian is very professional and always pays attention to detail to be able to understand each person he comes across. I have known Sebastian for a while now, and in my opinion he will go out of his way to help you get what you need, no matter the situation."
We Buy Houses Fast in Kitchener ON | Ontario Property Buyers
Dan M.
"I have had the pleasure of speaking with Sebastian numerous times. He was very easy to work with. He always made sure to address any of my concerns and really helped me to achieve my goals. I appreciate the great service I received from him and admire the hard work and dedication he provides for his clients."
We Buy Houses Fast in Kitchener ON | Ontario Property Buyers
Daniel W.
"I've only known Sebastian for the past two years but I've found him to be a great listener, he understands well and makes himself well understood and he is NOT a high-pressure sales dude. In a recent half hour Zoom connection, we got to about minute 27:00 when I finally asked, "...and how are you doing?" It was all about me for the majority of the call and he was the perfect listener! I like how clear he is and how easy he is to understand in person and in his webinars. I've attended a number of real estate investment weekends and I'm impressed with how he is pursuing his passion around real estate with Ontario Property Buyers. I'm keeping an eye on him!"
We Buy Houses Fast in Kitchener ON | Ontario Property Buyers
Greg K.
"Having dealt with Sebastian of Ontario Property Buyers on a couple real estate transactions has been a great experience. The attention to detail, analysis, knowledge of real estate and professionalism gives confidence in working with him. His determination to make sure things are done properly and efficiently while focusing on win-win solutions for ALL parties makes them deserve a 5-star review and strongly encourage anyone looking to sell their home or invest in real estate to consider Ontario Property Buyers."
We Buy Houses Fast in Kitchener ON | Ontario Property Buyers
Santiago A.
"Had a great experience working with Sebastian and his team. Extremely professional and made the whole process very easy. Answered all questions promptly and would take a phone call or answer a text at any time. Look forward to working with them again."
We Buy Houses Fast in Kitchener ON | Ontario Property Buyers
Joshua D.